Success Testimonials


“Being with this Company has changed my life and allowed me to live the way I never imagined!”

Deena Petherick, Field Supervisor

Previously Deena worked as a chef in a catering business. She came to us without any prior experience in this industry. She has quickly learned and advanced in the company and is now making more income they has ever made before.

“The working environment with this company is unsurpassed. I love coming to work every day!”

Michelle Ebeling, Marketing Director

Before coming to work with the company, Michelle worked for USAA Insurance as a policy coordinator. Michelle's advancement within the company has been rapid. Michelle now holds the position of Marketing Director within the company which is a supervisory position.


“I have never worked with a company that treats their people so good - I love my Job!”

Matt Hopper, Customer Relations

Prior to joining the company, Matt worked in the appliance department at Sears. Matt is currently in our Customer Relations Department and is on the fast track to become a Manager within the company.